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Hey hey!  This month is flying by!  It’s insane!  Tomorrow commences fall (I’ve got leggings in mind, unless it’s too warm).  Cael has been counting down to fall.  He says that he’s SO excited.  Too funny.  Every time he sees a coloured leaf, he points and shouts.  (Is he really my son?  What about summer?!)  I’m a lover of fall.  Really and truly.  I’m excited for hot chocolate-filled evenings, cozy sweaters, and new socks.  (I really need to buy new socks, somebody remind me, eh?)  But I am also super sad to say goodbye to such a great, summer.  Fun with the kiddos outside, shorts, sandals, sunshine for DAYYSS, beach days, you get my drift.  

Anyhow, I digress.

Week #2 of homeschool is going fairly more smooth, thus far, than week #1.  Thankfully.  I was talking to another homeschooling mom this weekend, and she said she had a second ‘first’ day of school last week, because the actual first day was so crazy.  It’s so nice to have other real moms around who are honest with you.  Any other homeschool mom’s out there, how do you schedule the school part into your day?  I’d love to hear how you work it out, especially with other littles, making meals, getting outside time, and cleaning time in.  Fill me in! 

First Day of School

Blueberry Scones

On to the lists!  Moving into more fall-styled fashion, soup (I love me some good soup!), and other odds and sods.  Enjoy!

  1. I made this soup this week!  It was A-MAZING.  Think burrito, soup-style.  
  2. Also made these scones, but with my blueberry lavender curd, instead of the lemon curd.  
  3. This sweater – so great!  It comes in an olive shade too.  
  4. How about this dress, with these shoes?  (I love a pop of random colour!)
  5. For you crafty ones, this is the sweetest baby quilt!  I might try my hand at it (if I ever find time and motivation – both are so elusive…)
  6. I’m in the market for a new wallet.  Mine is completely dilapidated.  This, this, and this look like pretty decent options.
  7. I love Madison’s honesty in this post.  It’s right where I’m at most days.  She’s got some great recommendations at the bottom.

**Cael’s first day of school

**Blueberry scones!  So yummy.  Recipe inked in #2.

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