For the Love of Lists – Week 15

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Christmas lights are popping up all over the place, and I’m like, “Wait, what day is it?”  

Seriously though, is it Monday?  What month/year?  I’m completely lost. 

That super moon must have done something to my brain.  It’s on pause.  It must still be October, yes?  I think I’m just in denial that time could possible move at such a speed.  I still have long days every once in awhile, but most evenings, I wonder where the day went.  

Back to that Christmas thing.  It’s okay if I’m not anywhere near even starting, right?  I’m still trying to get the Halloween decorations down, without the boys noticing.  (Because they’ll just ask me to leave them up.)  Oh, to have an extra day every week to finish up my lists.  

Lists upon lists.   Upon lists.  There’s actually a pile of them on my desk.  A pile of lists.  Some with the same things repeated over and over again, and still they are undone.  This list though, it’s an easy one.  I get to share things that I think are cool/interesting with you.  All that it requires is to be posted.  I can easily do that.  It’s things like, “make flash cards”, and “pay bills”.  Those things seem to get forgotten.  Hopefully remembered before due dates though, right? 

For the Love of Lists - Week 15

Here’s your list for the week!  Thanks for reading my ramble.  

  1. I think these sweatpants look pretty comfy for snow days.  Don’t you?  Paired with slippers (at home), or Converse (going out).  So good.
  2. I made these Cinnamon Sugar Buns on the weekend.   They were pretty good.  Except when there was smoke billowing out of my oven.  They were slightly on the “well done” side. 
  3. We also had this Cream White Chicken Chili (or… my version of it – I just can’t follow a recipe!) for supper last week – I thought it was pretty dang awesome.  
  4. I highly recommend making this Milky Salted Caramel.  Warm milk + caramel + whipped cream = WOW.  So good.  Warm drink for an after supper, or after-the-kids-are-finally-in-bed treat?  Now I’ve got to make it again. 
  5. These Sorel winter boots!  I love them!
  6. A friend shared this amazing turtleneck sweater thing with me.  It’s SO cute.  (And it comes in yellow!  Other colours too, of course…)
  7. I want to make more soap, and I like trying new kinds.  Yogurt and avocado?  Cafe Latte?  Which one, which one?

I hope you guys have a great week/weekend!  I’m going to attempt to start my Christmas shopping on Saturday.  With zero list, because, well, I just don’t have one!  Wish me luck! 

*I have such a love for farms and fields.  They’re just so pretty!

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