For the Love of Lists – Week 14

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I know I sing the same song every post, but WOW!  How do the days go by so quickly?

Anybody else hate the time change?  I keep sleeping in (ugh – I really like getting up a good 2 hours before the kiddos), my kids keep getting up early, I kind of like getting up when it’s super dark, and not eating supper in the pitch black…  

Anyhow, enough complaining. 

We had an impromptu dance party evening with the kids on Sunday.  I’m so thankful for my hubby, and our shared love of music.  It’s such a great thing to have in life – and we like it loud sometimes.  Also – it’s amazing how many words to so many songs my kids can remember!?  

We also celebrated Briar’s 2nd birthday on Monday, which was a combination of happy and how-is-my-baby-two sadness.  

Dance Party - For the Love of Lists - 14





















So far this week, lists have been pushed aside and my life feels a bit chaotic, so I was looking forward to this post to maybe revamp my list-following for the rest of the week.  I need a bit of organization in my life.  And a maid.  😉  


  1. I came across this article this week, I and I thought it was very interesting, and pretty spot on.  There is such a thing as obsessing over eating healthy – and it can be bad for your health.  It’s called orthorexia.  
  2. A tunic and a cardigan for your cold-weather style needs.
  3. This article about the cookbook industry, I thought it was quite interesting.  How they survived through the e-book trend.
  4. I made this Creamy White Chicken Chili this week (with a tweak or 5), and it was pretty dang good, not to mention, a pretty quick and easy meal.  
  5. I’ve realized that I’ve pinned FIVE different pumpkin scone recipes.  These three are probably the most likely I’ll make – chai with black tea glaze, with molasses glaze, with ginger
  6. Has anyone started their Christmas shopping yet?  (I haven’t…. *sigh.)  I’m definitely going to order this book for Briar.  I love the authors, and their other book was a favourite growing up.  
  7. These watercolour ornaments might be a really fun diy to do with kids, or by yourself!

**Briar and I enjoying our dance party, her last day of being one.

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