Let’s start by saying that an ‘About Me’ page, is probably the hardest part of blogging.  (That’s probably not true, but it sure feels like it right now!)


Our Family



I’m Kayleigh!  I’m a wife of 7 years, mother of 3 (so far) 4, and an avid baker/house-straightener/supper-maker.  I have a love for my Creator, spending time with my fam-jam, running, and eating all the good food.  I started out blogging in 2011 after my first son was born.  It hasn’t been a regular thing the last few year, with adding a few kids and all, but I’ve really been wanting to expand on what I started with.  Hopefully this will motivate me to post regularly!  

Things you should know!  (A disclaimer of sorts?)

  • I don’t measure everything.  I know that most people think that’s kind of important in baking… but that’s not how my family bakes.  And we bake good.  Mind you, we will measure important things.  We aren’t dumb.  But there’s no leveling of the measuring cups, or using measuring spoons.  Lots of pinches and dashes here.  I really try to make that easier in my recipes though!  I promise!
  • I make many lists.  What to do.  Supper ideas.  What to bake.  Where to go.  There are normally food stuffs incorporated. 
  • I have three kids!  Cael, Jude, and Briar.  They are pretty cool.  You’ll definitely be seeing them on the blog. 
  • This isn’t going to be strictly a ‘food’ blog.  I’ll be including some life stuff, things I like, ideas, lists, etc. too!
  • I am very much in love with my hubby, and high school sweetheart, Jordan.  He’s the man.  (Gotta add a little sap.)
  • I like practical things.  Common sense makes the most sense to me.  I like recipes that are adaptable to what I have in my house.  I don’t like having to buy  super special or expensive things to make a recipe.  There are exceptions, of course.  
  • I love Pinterest, and Instagram.  Facebook is a love/hate thing.  Follow me.  
  • If you need to contact me, shout out to kayleigh@whisksandwoodenspoons.com.  I’ll try to reply as quickly as possible.  
  • Have you heard of ‘Mommy Brain’?  Because it’s real.  And I’m sure it’ll show though some posts at times.  Laugh with me, eh?  Because if I don’t laugh about it, I might start to sob…  

Why ‘Whisks and Wooden Spoons’?  

Well.  My Nannie was also an avid baker.  And she watched me and my brothers lots of days when Mom was at work. In order to include us in her baking, we generally stuck to wooden spoons.  Did you know that you can make MOST anything without plugging anything in?!  (There are a few exceptions of course…)  Although I have a gorgeous Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer, and a Kitchen Aid Hand Mixer, I normally grab my favourite wooden spoon.  There is something quaint and lovely about mixing things by hand.  Not to mention it reminds me of my grandmother.  

Also, I own a crazy number of whisks for such a small kitchen (7?!  Who needs 7 whisks?!).  


Thanks so much for being a part of this with me!  I love that people take the time to read posts, and comment.  So lovely of y’all.